Artist’s Statement

I began cartooning after the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill which upset me so much I either had to create cartoons about it or become an alcoholic. My earliest strips sustained water damage but are included here under the names Oil Spills and Us, Clear-Cut National Park and The Adventures of Clay & Annie Partridge. I sent copies of these cartoons to every conservation group I could think of and to the general stores in Cordova AK and Dutch Harbor AK. There was no response. I once had a librarian enquire if Clay & Annie Partridge were real people. They were not. After Exxon sued the state of Alaska, I found myself unable to continue cartooning about environmental issues.

I did continue cartooning to deal with grief and frustration and to lampoon jobs I had. In the year 2000, I acknowledged in myself a passion to disseminate information which could help people. Cartooning has proven to be a worthy vehicle to this end. After Joel Bowman & Debra Basham trained me to become a licensed NLP practitioner, they invited me to create a cartoon strip about NLP. NeLPerville was born. I am passionate about prosperity consciousness and I kept mixing my interest in the Law of Attraction into the NLP series. LOA was created to separate the two concepts.

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